Visiting the stars

Visiting the stars

We had a good time here in the US. It was the last complete day. We drove to Beverly Hills to visit some homes of stars like Elton John, Christina Aguilera, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Silvester Stallone, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson. At least we passed their homes believing that the informations from a celebrity map we bought is correct.
Beverly Hills is a huge and absolutely nice area with magnificent estates. I have no pictures today as I was the driver. I will keep in mind what I have seen.

Next station were the dead stars. We visited Forest Lawn Memorial where famous stars are buried. For example Walt Disney, Errol Flynn, Michael Jackson. The size of the graveyard is gigantic. All graves have only a plate lying flat on the grass with an inscription and without flowers planted. many graves are decorated with bouquets or pots of flowers.

Last station was Venice beach. We walked along the beach and the promenade and watched surfers, skaters and street artists.

Here is the complete route of our vacation in German language. Distances are in miles. If you want more detailed route options let me know.


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